Philippines Residential

The Class of 2017 MA students were privileged to travel to the Philippines and stay at the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction’s James Yen Center in Silang, Cavite, near Manila. Dr. James Yen, the founder of IIRR, was passionate about participatory and people-centered development, just as Future Generations is. Highlights included a field visit to Taal Lake and Volcano Protected area where students met with the NGO Pusod, which is working to ensure a sustainable ecosystem in and around Taal Lake and to enforce a disaster preparedness plan for the people on and in the proximity of Volcano Island. In addition, students benefited from IIRR’s expertise in Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction, which included a field visit to Rosario, on Manila Bay, where they interacted with Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteers who are trained to respond to typhoon warnings.

Future Generations University Alumni

authorMAGAT PAZ, CLASS OF 2013
Practicum Summary: The Role of the Scholar-Athlete Games in the Development of Peace-builders

Paz’s research focuses on the Scholar-Athletes Games program, which is a primary contributor to the field of Sport for Development and Peace. The purpose of her study is to measure the effectiveness of the program using quantitative and qualitative methodology, including an online survey system and virtual focus groups. The results revealed that the Scholar-Athlete Games alumni exhibit attitudes and behaviors that serve as peace indicators, although the Games are not necessarily the sole reason for these reactions.


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