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How We Work

Future Generations has a unique structure to serve our diverse global stakeholders. Future Generations does not implement projects directly – rather, we support the community-based work of our members, stakeholders, and partners around the world. In this way, we help seeds of change planted around the globe to grow to their full potential.

Who we serve

Future Generations serves

Alumni of Future Generations University : A fundamental part of our mission is to support graduates of Future Generations University to help them to pursue learning and community change for the rest of their careers. We connect alumni to each other, encourage collaboration, highlight their stories, help them to identify resources that support their work, and encourage them to continue evidence-based, community-driven practice.Sister organizations : In its previous incarnation as a CSO, Future Generations helped to found organizations in countries across the world that are dedicated to promoting change through SEED-SCALE. Some of these organizations have completed their missions and closed, and others are still working to this day. Future Generations supports these organizations through mentorship, fiscal sponsorship, support in documenting and sharing their work, and connecting them to each other and potential partners.Partner organizations : Throughout its many decades of work, Future Generations has been fortunate enough to encounter other organizations that share its philosophy of community-driven, sustainable, equitable change. Future Generations is always looking for ways to collaborate with and support like-minded organizations.