Future Generations promotes research, learning, and action toward inclusive and sustainable community change worldwide.



Future Generations Global community seeks a shift in practice informed by SEED-SCALE methodology. Our vision is a world circling coalition of mutually informing communities, responding to emerging challenges with local change, and advancing how present generations can shape improved and peaceful futures for generations yet-to-come.



Core Values

Future Generations:

  • Promotes respect for all lives and the conditions for their harmonious co-existence.
  • Recognizes the dignity of every human being.
  • Gives priority to the interests of women who have a particularly strong interest in the wellbeing of their families, children, and community.
  • Emphasizes equity, empowerment, and self-confidence especially among marginalized members of the community.



Operating Structure

Future Generations operates as two legally separate entities under one organizational mission. In 1992, Future Generations was founded as a charitable non-government organization. It is now complemented by the Future Generations University, founded in 2003 and incorporated in 2006 in the State of West Virginia with authorization to provide a Master’s Degree in Applied Community Change and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (www.ncahlc.org, ph: 800-621-7440) . Both organizations have separate governing boards and budgets, and share a common international headquarters in Pendleton County, West Virginia.



Our History

Over three decades, Future Generations has evolved a global learning organization with expertise in community grounded sustainable development. Future Generations University exists to extend this learning through innovative graduate education, training, and collaborative research across a Global Network of development practitioners. Members of this Global Team share a proven method, SEED-SCALE, to advance inclusive, sustainable change across hundreds of communities in more than 42 countries.


Future Generations first began tackling humanity’s toughest challenges in 1992: understanding how to create community-driven change that is both sustainable and scalable. Recognizing traditional approaches to community development were not working, UNICEF launched a task force and enlisted Future Generations to study this question around-the-world. Future Generations was founded to promote the newly synthesized method for community-based sustainable development.


After a decade of successful demonstrations of the methodology advancing health, peacebuilding, conservation, education, and livelihoods across India, Afghanistan, China, Peru and other nations, Future Generations formed a new global learning community to extend this method at scale. A separate graduate school was established in 2006, which today advances research, learning, and action in 42 countries as Future Generations University (Formerly Future Generations Graduate School). The original civil society organization, Future Generations Inc., continues to serve as a connector and resource hub between country programs and the university’s growing alumni in the Future Generations Global Network.

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