James Patterson

Rev. James L. Patterson is an ordained elder and Senior Pastor of Institute Church of the Nazarene Institute, WV. He has served in that capacity for the pasted twenty years. In 2000, James co-founded the Partnership of African American Churches (PAAC), a West Virginia nonprofit whose mission is to work with twenty-one congregational communities to empower communities of color. As one objective, the PAAC focuses on minority health concerns and directs initiatives to encourage healthier lifestyles in the African American community. As the director of the Saving our Children (SOC) program, Reverend Patterson has addressed social issues primarily impacting adolescents and teens. Some of his present community involvement includes the Ethics Committee of Thomas Memorial Hospital, West Virginia Council of Churches, Board of Director West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy, WV University Prevention Research Center Community Partnership Board, West Virginia Bureau of Public Health Community Advisory Board and the Church of the Nazarene National Black Strategy Committee.