Women’s Empowerment

Across five districts in Arunachal Pradesh, more than 150 women’s groups mobilize social change. They:Improve health in the homeChange practices such as child marriage, alcholism, and violence against womenPromote kitchen gardens Increase income through micro-credit programs.

They even sing their own songs about how their lives have changed with the help of Future Generations Arunachal.

Women’s groups are supported by volunteers known as Village Welfare Workers (VWWs). These volunteers have been trained to monitor village health, deliver home-based services, and mobilize women’s groups. Future Generations trains VWWs as part of its Public-Private Partnership with the Primary Health Care center in Sille or in partnership with the Comprehensive Rural Health Program of Jamkhed.

Lessons in community change radiate from three core sites known as Learning and Doing Centers. These “classrooms without walls” share innovations with community and government leaders throughout the state.

To verify the health impacts of this approach, in 2008 Future Generations Arunachal introduced a package of best practices to three sites with no prior access to health services.
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Last modified: September 25, 2023

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